SIO-SG1500 type CNC Metal Spinning Machine

Type SIO-SG1500
Main Specification 1500mm
Mode Single Roller
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CNC Spinning and Turning Machine (Single Roller)

Purpose of Machine Tool:

SIO-SG1500 CNC Spinningand Turning Machine (Single Roller) is especially designed to spin from metal blanks over a mandrel to achieve the desired final shape or profile like horn,bucket, cone, parabolic products. It can also process trimming, flanging androlling at the same machine tool. Metal material like steel, aluminum, silveror copper can be spin or shear formed. Machine is widely used for aerospace,military, machinery, chemical, vehicle, draught, household hardware, lampshade,crafts, kitchen utensils, environment and agriculture industry. With advanced digital control, it is easy tooperate. The machine can improve the production efficiency, machining accuracyand saving labor cost. It is an ideal automatic machine for industries.

GeneralDescription & Main Features:

Machine Bed

The machine bed made by high-grade cast is implemented instable horizontal framework in order to provide high accuracy and consistentrepeatability. The outstanding sturdy machine body is heat treated to relievestresses.

In line with the torsionresisting and sturdy construction, the 2-axis slide system is equipped withlinear guide ways and ball screws which have high stiffness, accuracy andexcellent dynamic performance. Each of these units is driven via high precisionservo motor, complete with position feedback system.


The headstock mounted inthe machine bed is of sturdy casted construction. Adopt independent spindle unit to ensure good movementprecision, stiffness and stability. The drive of the main spindle is conductedvia an AC vector motor and via a belt drive to the headstock input pulley.Mandrel, back up plate, ejector or auxiliary slide can be mounted on theheadstock.

Roller System

A very sturdy rollersystem is mounted on the cross slide. In order to allow for rapid tool changes,the machine is provided with turret.


With hydraulic cylinders, the tailstock moves and clampsautomatically.

Hydraulic Unit

The hydraulic unit is aunit connected to the machine via generously dimensioned hydraulic piping. Thehydraulic oil is cooled using an oil heat exchanger.

Electrical control

Relevant parts of the electricalcontrol system of the machine are contained in a switch gear cabinet.

Operating Panel

The machine is equippedwith a computer numerical control system Siemens 828D with USB port.

Mobile manual pulse generator is equipped to easyoperate.


Integrated automatic lubrication system makes themaintenance more reliable.

Configuration cooling pump and enclosed shield.

OptionalAccessories (Extra Price):

NC system such as FANUCSIEMENSGSK or KND isavailable for your selection.

Technical Specifications

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